20 Best Under the Breast Tattoos

Breasts are an important and beautiful part of the female anatomy. Under the breast tattoos truly accentuate this area. Each woman is unique and special, and so should her tattoos be. Are you thinking about getting an under the breast tattoo? Check out these 20 best under the breast tattoos for ideas:


This elegant, henna-inspired tattoo is dripping with femininity. The lotus design has many meanings, all of them perfect for a tattoo so close to the heart.


Here is another henna inspired tattoo which seems to be radiating directly from the art. The graduating dots create a wonderful effect.


This beautiful floral tattoo is perfectly situated right between and under the breasts. Beautiful.


The realistic black and gray quality of the three roses as framework for the stark absence of ink in the triangle makes for a bold and startling keyhole effect.


A realistic and very large moth design with a humanoid skull flying toward the moon which is directly in the center of this woman’s chest is a great way to highlight this part of the body.


Wow, look at this amazing and complex design. It truly looks like a piece of pen and ink illustration. Different elements from multiple cultures can be seen here in this moth of faces.


Here is an under the breast tattoo that is truly shines bright like a diamond. Dripping with diamonds, actually!


This list just wouldn’t be complete without a fantastic heart with a keyhold, right?


An eagle with henna elements at the top? Sure, why not!


Here we have a majestic owl dripping with gems. He looks pretty happy right there, like royalty.


A realistic moth done in a bold black and gray style looking like she is going to fly away.


The skin tone of this tattoo wearer is the perfect canvas for this under the breast tattoo. The slight color change of the flowers from her skin is so subtle and quietly beautiful. Fantastic linework and muted green of the leaves makes this tattoo extremely classic feeling and quite feminine.


This is a more simple design for under and between the breasts, but still very pretty and accentuates in the right place.


A realistic ruby heart? What a fantastic idea for this location!


A dream catcher so close to the heart is a very thoughtful idea. This under the breast tattoo takes it further than most under the breast tattoos with the design extending all the way across the ribs and the feathers going just past the belly button.


Here we have another lotus tattoo, with daintier dots and hearts in the petals.


Look at the line work in this beautiful under the breast tattoo! WOW!


This happy octopus looks very satisfied to be where he is. The bright shining moon tops his head like a crown.


We love designs that have a heart so close to the heart. This tattoo looks amazing.


Double skulls in a diamond-esque design looks fantastic right between and under the breasts.