If there is one thing that drives men nuts, it is trying to figure out what a woman really wants to hear. Most men know that compliments should work, but working out the right compliment to use is not as easy as it sounds, because, if a compliment is said in the wrong way, it will just seem insincere and mean nothing. 


So guys, if you feel that you always seem to put your foot straight in your mouth, every time you open it, read these ten things that we know girls absolutely like to hear.

The truth




One of the most important things girls like to hear is the truth. This is more than just a cliché, this is a fact! Don’t spin stories of how the dog ate her birthday card, or how the Amazon delivery guy got mugged in your street on his way to deliver her birthday gift. 


Tell her the truth and admit that you forgot it was her birthday and then say you are sorry too! She won’t be impressed by your temporary amnesia, but she’ll be even less impressed by a lie that she will see straight through anyway.

You are My One and Only



While it may seem a bit cliche at times, women want to hear that they are their man's one and only. It's nice to believe that fairy tales do exist and that your woman makes your life complete.

“What do you think?”





This is another one of things girls like to hear. By asking for her opinion, and valuing it when you get it, you are showing a woman that you respect her and that you want to do things that will please her. 


Ask her what car colour you should get next time, or which model, and ask for her opinion when you are buying clothes. You know that she has an opinion, so let her express it, and she’ll love you all the more for doing so.

I Appreciate You



It's nice to hear thank you or I appreciate you, every once in awhile. A lot of women juggle work and family life - which can be very stressful and exhausting. Women want to know that their hard work is appreciated and recognized.

Wow! You look gorgeous!




Another one of things girls like to hear is a compliment. Notice when she does something different to her hair and notice when she is wearing something new. Everyone loves compliments, not just women, so don’t be shy about giving her some! 


Tell her how much you appreciate all the effort that she puts into looking great for you. Compliments will also tell her that you are not interested in anyone else, so it will put her mind to rest on that score too.