8 Most Stupid Things Couples Fight About in a Healthy Relationship

I've been doing a lot of research about relationships and how to work things out, understanding your partner and how to keep a healthy relationship. 


Having a healthy relationship does not always mean that you'll have  happy days together, experience peace all the time and have a fairytale-like love story. No, that's not how it works. 


Couples fight, it's a fact of life. 


While some arguments are important and even necessary, others are really, really stupid. Seriously guys, kids are starving and the world is dying. 


So here, I have listed down the most crazy things that couples fight about. 




1. The music in the car - During the honeymoon period of your relationship, both of you got equal play with the iPod cord. Then you realized you were dating a ‘skipper’ who switches songs 30 seconds in, a musical ADD that just won’t quit and makes you want to put duct tape over the stereo dials. After a while, the battle of who gets to the chord first becomes so real that you have to download podcasts or turn on the radio just to have something ‘neutral.’


2. Forgetting an important date or event. It’s easy for things to slip your mind when you have a lot going on in your life. Unfortunately, this can be taken very personally by either of you, but we all forget things sometimes. It happens. Just try to mark your calendar if it’s a something that’s really important.



3. The “you always…” - When trying to make a point, we often turn to generalizations when we lack the foundation our argument needs in order to hold up in relationship court. “You always do ______” is the hilariously desperate last-ditch effort that ends in us laughing at ourselves for how wrong we knew we were.


4. The “You Turn Off The Light” Fight - The following is something all couples who are living together may have experienced at one point or another. Who really wants to get off the bed after being all cozy and comfy? You keep on challenging each other for getting up and shutting the lights off. Well, the laziest soul amongst the two partners eventually wins or the partner who can’t think of sleeping with the lights on has to give up. This silly argument every night engages both the partners into a playful cuddling fight.



5. The “I Don’t Want To Fight About This” Fight - At times, you both just start a silly argument and in the middle of it, you find out that actually you both are on the same lines and your were arguing just for no reason. And that’s the moment you burst into laughter in the middle of a heated argument.


6. The "Where to Eat" fight - You know the fight. How do you not know what you want?! You can tell me about hundreds of "things" that you want, but you have no idea what you want to eat at this moment?! Turns out it's a pretty basic decision making problem.



7. The “Tell Me What You Want” Fight - You both are telling each other that ‘I will take whatever you want to have.’ But no one actually is deciding what they really want and keep on asking ‘No you tell, no you tell’.


11. The “You Are Distracting Me Too Much With Your Sexiness” Fight - You are trying to work and your love is trying to distract you with all his/her sexiness. Gosh, how can I work? I can’t even focus when you are around.