Claim Welcome Bonus in BCH, ETH, and LTC Right Now!

The only multi-cryptocurrency raffle game with a 100% fair algorithm which gives all players equal odds for unlimited rewards.


How It Works

  • Connect
    • Sign up with your Facebook account by clicking on the JOIN button. To get paid, connect your Coinbase account by entering the email address of your Coinbase account.
  • Bonus
    • Receive the welcome bonus in different cryptocurrencies directly into your Myelbox account. You may choose to either play with it or cash it out instantly.
  • Play
    • Using the balance in your account, buy-in to any available game of any coin of your choice. All your winnings are instantly deposited into your Myelbox account.
  • Cash Out
    • Once you're happy with all your winnings, you may either join the higher stakes games for bigger prizes or cash it all out to your Coinbase account.


As soon as you register, via Facebook, you will immediately get coins in different cryptocurrency. And to make it even better, these aren't just any coins. Myelbox is giving away free crypto in Stablecoins! Once you're logged in, you will see the following balances in your Myelbox Wallet:


  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) = 5,000 BITS
  • Ethereum (ETC) = 5,000 GWEI
  • Litecoin (LTC) = 5,000 Litoshis


You may then instantly cash it all out into your Coinbase account! Or even better, use it to join raffle games they offer and multiply your wallet by up to 9x!


Excited yet? Click on the link below to join Myelbox right now!




Have more questions? Here's a link to their Frequently Asked Questions.